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Australian vehicles using LPG Autogas have demonstrated a CO2 reduction of up to 15.9%.

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Australia has abundant supplies of home-grown LPG and Natural Gas. Given Australia’s reliance on imported fuel and projected increase in costs, gaseous fuels provide a viable solution.


One of the most attractive features of completing a LPG Conversion or Natural Gas conversion is the amount of money you can save every day. Spend more time and money on the things most important in your life – not your fuel bill.


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Forklift & Industrial Engine Service & Replacement Parts


World's Fastest Panel Van  

Alan Lacey #601




LPG Powered 1988 XF Ford Panel Van achieves the highest speed record in class B/GC 176.177 MPH Dry Lakes Racing.



BRC Vapour Injection - Equipped

Forklift Emissions

LPG Forklift exhaust emissions are safe when combined with adequate oxygen supply causing complete combustion and dispersion of the fumes but this needs to be constantly monitored…


Indoor Air Quality needs to be regularly monitored for dangerous chemicals and pollutants..

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