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Multi Point Fuel Systems for Sequential EFI Engines 

Our automotive pinnacle is a high performing vehicle that delivers lower fuel costs,  reduced emission, lower maintenance costs and an overall reduction in the cost of ownership.


BRC’s common rail multi point sequential vapour injection LPG systems provide seamless operation to petrol.


Vapour injection systems are the latest in leading edge LPG fuel systems technology for port fueled engines.


Our proprietary fueling strategies provide accurate fuel metering, via pressure and temperature compensation, delivering the precise amount fuel required to each cylinder and most importantly delivering on fuel economy.


The Latest Generation for Port Fueled Engines

GM 8.1 Litre V8 engine dyn test - Petrol vs LPG

Central Point Fuel Systms for EFI Engines 

IMPCO & BRC supply a range closed loop central point fuel management systems and components for EFI vehicles equipped with three way catalyst.


These high value systems integrate with the vehicle’s original equipment fuel management system to provide excellent performance in lowering emissions and providing lower fuel costs. 

Systems & Components for Open Loop or Carburetor Fueled Engines 

IMPCO's unique negative pressure air-valve technology provides excellent drivability, durable performance and is resilient in harsh environments.   These LPG system are valuable in lowering emissions of Carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbons from their Petrol powered equivalent. 

BRC's AT90E is a stable product for use with either EFI or Carburetor systems.  This product combined with BRC closed loop control meets Euro4 emission requirements. 

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