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BRC Racing 

As the name suggests, the BRC Racing Team is a division of BRC in Cherasco, Italy that design, build and race cars that run entirely on LPG.

The Team was first put together by members of BRC, not only to fuel their extreme passion for cars, but to also test out our LPG components and systems in an extreme, high-demand environment

Our Research and Development doesn’t just consist of computers, technicians, desks and workshops. We like to push our new products to the limit – by putting them on race cars! The BRC Racing Team consistently change the LPG components on their vehicles to see what works and what doesn’t work – under extreme load and tough conditions. What better way to test out our new systems?


Check out the BRC Racing Team in more detail click on the BRC Racing Team link.

Why Race?


Racing means to push everything forward (possibly to the limit):


  • Yourself

  • Your performance

  • Your technology

  • Your organisation


IMPCO has had a long and successful tradition in using Propane (LPG) for racing, including Propane X and other performance vehicles.

" Life is racing. Everything else is just waiting.  – Steve McQueen"
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