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Forklift Systems, Parts & Accessories 
Fuel Lock Offs 
Part No.                Description
VFF30-2                Vaccum Filter Lock Off
E0300016             ET90 Electronic Lock Off With Filter
E0300015             ET98 Electronic Lock Off No Filter
S800                      90 Degree Electronic Lock Off With Filter
MDE-26                 Petrol Lock Off
03EV00200001    Petrol Lock Off Universal With Manual Tap
Check out the full range of Lock offs available in our shop.
Part No.                      Description
JB- 2                           Model J Regulator
COBRA                        COBRA Regulator
CS4-30772-004         SERIES II Regulator
EPR-50388-001         SERIES III Regulator 
   55 SERIES
   60 SERIES 
   100 SERIES         
   SPECTRUM SERIES   (Various models)  



Application Guide

CA / CT       Clean Air (Open Loop) Application Low CO & HC Emissions

FB / FT       Feed Back (Closed loop) Application Low CO, HC & NOx Emissions 

Spectrum   Emission Certification (OEM Advanced Close Loop) OEM Application for Stringent Air Quality Emission Certification.

Full Range of Repair Kits 

RK-EPR-3 (Minor Repair Kit)
RK-EPR-4 (Major Repair Kit/Sub Assembly)
Fuel Injection
GFI Components
  •  A7-242 & A7-434      GFI SGI VAPORIZER
  • 300000-0023              GFI FUEL INJECTORS