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Integrated Emission System

Electronic Fuel Management Control for Low Emission Meets All OEM Performance Specifications


Dual or Dedicated Capability

Petrol or LPG / CNG Operation


Proven Technology

Durable and Reliable Performance Emissions Durability Low Maintenance Requirements


Applications Engineering

In-House System & Component Integration for LPG & CNG  

Extensive  Range of Systems & Components for LPG or CNG Operation. 


IMPCO systems and components have been engineered to comply with Australian standards

  • AS 4983-2010   Gas fuel systems forklifts and industrial engines

  • AS/NZS 1425:2013 LP Gas fuel systems for vehicle engines

  • AS/NZS 2739:2009  Natural gas (NG) fuel systems for vehicle engines

For LPG powered  forklifts working in Confined or poorly ventilated areas IMPCO recommends;

  • the use of a closed loop fuel management system and three way catalyst  

  • contacting the manufacture or supplier for advice on the suitability of a forklift for your needs and operating environment

  • and reading Worksafe Victoria guidance note on the dangers of poorly ventilated Workplaces,  See excerpt below 

The Dangers Of Poorly Ventilated Workplaces

The 1983 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRC) publication Recommended Practice in the Operation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Powered Engines in Confined and/or Poorly Ventilated Spaces provides guidance on safe work procedures for the use of LPG forklift trucks in poorly ventilated places.


The NHMRC recommendations focus on carburetion systems, fuel, tuning and air quality.

The work procedure should follow the NHRC recommendations and make sure that the exposure standard for carbon monoxide is not exceeded.


The following points are based on the NH&.MRC recommendations and should be included in a safe work procedure:


Test the exhaust emission levels in the tail pipe of the forklift truck

  • Make sure the forklift is tuned to yield an exhaust gas containing:

    • not more than 0.2% (2000 ppm) carbon monoxide at idling.

    • not more than 0.1 % (1000 ppm) carbon monoxide at speed (no load).


For further detail on the dangers of poorly ventilated Workplaces follow the link below or Click on the button.


WorkSafe Victoria Hand Book for Safe operation of cold storage facilities, Section 14, Appendix 3: Operation of LPG forklift trucks in poorly ventilated places


  • lock offs

  • bottle brackets

  • carburetors

  • mixers

  • Injectors

  • converters/regulators

  • fuel systems

  • exhaust test equipment

  • service parts & repair kits

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