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IMPCO Automotive Receives EPA Certification for Bi-Fuel Ford F150 5.0-Liter Ti-VCT V8 Truck Engine – Model Year 2016 Ford F150 (half ton) Pick-Up Truck –

Sterling Heights, MI, December 16, 2015: IMPCO Automotive, a division of IMPCO Technologies, Inc. and a subsidiary of Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc., has received certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its 2016 Ford F150 (half ton) Pick-Up truck. The truck features the 5.0-Liter TI-VCT V8 engine.  As a QVM Alternative Fuel partner with Ford, IMPCO Automotive leverages its OEM expertise and experience to deliver the most integrated and durable product on the market.


IMPCO Automotive’ s 5.0L Bi-Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) F150 conversion can be purchased through any Ford Commercial Dealership with a ship-thru option for IMPCO’s Indiana Conversion Center.

This product expands IMPCO Automotive’ s working class pick-up truck offering to include Dedicated & Bi-Fuel CNG F250/F350, Bi-Fuel CNG F150 and Dedicated CNG Ford F650/F750.


F-150 the 2016 Green Truck of the Year™ 
Award Green Car Journal named the Ford F-150 as the 2016 Green Truck of the Year™ at the San Antonio Auto & Truck Show in Texas.


“We are pleased to extend our product offering into the half ton market with Ford. The F150 addition to our already broad range (Class 1 through 7) of “Working Class” vehicles allows IMPCO to offer an alternative fuel solution that can fulfil most any need in the Alternative Fuel Pick-up truck market,” stated Jeff Hall, Director of Sales, IMPCO Automotive.


DEC 16
Paris facing record high levels of Diesel fueled pollution

Recently, we came across an article about Paris, France and the detrimental affects their love of diesel fuel has had on pollution levels in the city. In an unprecedented and drastic move, Paris has banned half of the cars from driving in the region. All cars with an even numbered registration plate are prohibited from driving and will be fined €22 if caught. Public transport will become free for a period in the hope that pollution levels will subside quickly.


This is obviously a short-term fix for a problem that will only continue to get worse if greater lengths are not taken. France has invested heavily in diesel-powered engines since the 1960’s in the belief that it was cleaner than gasoline. This has since been proven to be completely wrong and now an estimated 60% of French vehicles run on diesel. This mistake should be seen as a warning to the rest of the world, especially Australia, that Diesel is not the answer and that more money should be spent on alternative options, mainly gaseous fuels.


The number of diesel cars and the cost of diesel has been increasing in Australia, meaning both the Australian Government and the Australian public need to consider the long term impacts of choosing Diesel. The ecological benefits of LPG and CNG have been tried and tested thoroughly, so help us push for a greener, more sustainable and less polluted Australia by all using LPG and CNG fuels.


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