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One of the most attractive features of completing an LPG Conversion or Natural Gas conversion is the amount of money you can save every day. On average, you could slash your fuel bill by 50% or more by installing a Gaseous Fuel System on your vehicle or machinery.

Our proprietary bi-fuel technology affordably enables your 4, 6, 8 or 10 cylinder vehicle to operate on a clean-burning gaseous fuel. This allows you to quickly recover your gas conversion costs and start saving.

Note: To assist your purchase of an LPG system, there is an LPG Government Grant Scheme (LPG Rebate) available. Please visit this link for more information.

Imagine being able to jump in the car and take the family on a weekend holiday, without having to stress about petrol prices! No longer will you shed a tear as you fill up at the pump. Spend more time and money on the things most important in your life – not your fuel bill.


The use of traditional fuels is a major contributor to Air pollution and Carbon emissions.  Gaseous fuels offer a significant reduction in the concentration of CO2 and toxic curb-side emissions.


As an example, Australian vehicles using LPG Autogas have demonstrated a CO2 reduction of up to 15.9%. These figures and more can be found on the Green Vehicle Guide.

It is important to consider a well-to-wheel and lifecycle analysis of emissions when considering your alternate fuel choice:


  • While some fuels promise reductions in CO2 emissions, they are often detrimental to the level of toxic curb-side emissions, and potentially human health.

  • Simply moving the localised emissions from one area to another has no benefit to greenhouse gas reduction or climate change.

  • The production and disposal of certain fuels and technologies may outweigh the benefit from their use, and pose significant environmental risks


The production and use of LPG, CNG and Biogas may provide significant reductions in Carbon emissions without increasing the level of harmful toxic emissions. Gaseous fuels have a hydrogen to carbon ratio advantage, and therefore reduce the levels of carbon emissions produced in a combustion process.

Gaseous fuel systems are pressurised and are completely sealed from the atmosphere, therefore have virtually no fugitive emissions.

Energy Secure

Australia’s transport industry relies primarily on oil. With Australia’s domestic supply expected to be outstripped by a growing demand, this poses a threat to the nation’s liquid fuels self-sufficiency and places additional pressure on our economic security.


Australia has abundant supplies of home-grown LPG and Natural Gas.


Given Australia’s reliance on imported fuel and projected increase in costs, gaseous fuels provide a viable solution.

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