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The Model ET98 without Filter is an electronically operated fuel lock off valve suitable for use with pressures up to 315 psi (21.72 Bar) of LPG Liquid, LPG Vapour and Natural Gas Vaopur.   The valve is normally closed and is opened with 12V DC.


  • Fuel type:                               LPG Liquid/Vapour & Natural Gas Low Pressure Vapour
    Inlet Pressure (Max)               315 psi (21.72 Bar)
    Flow Rate:                            24,000 NL/H @ 400 kPa Air
    Electrical Requirement:         12 Volts DC/15.5 Watts (1.3Amps)
    Mounting Position:                 Vertical Recommended
    Certification:                          UL (MH19296)  

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