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Handheld Versatile 5 Gas Analyzer for checking Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Hydro Carbon & NO/NOx levels present in exhaust emissions.

PC Software with Automatic Data Saving, Full Colour Graphic Display and BUILT-IN Printer.  Accurate, Reliable, Robust and Fast

E4500 – C 5 Gas Analyzer

  • Including: 
    O2 Sensor 0 to 25 %
    CO Sensor 0 to 8000 ppm  With Auto-Range up to 50,000 ppm
    NO/NOx Sensor 0 to 4000 ppm
    CxHy(HC)Sensor 0 to 5 %
    CO2 Calculated 0 to 99.9 %
    Flue Gas & Air Temperature Measurement
    Draft & Differential Pressure Measurement
    Efficiency, Losses, & Excess Air Calculations 300mm 
    Probe, 800oCmax, with 3m Dual Hose
    External Water Trap with Filter Cartridge
    Internal Memory, 2000 Tests
    Built-In Printer with Non-Fading Paper
    Rubber Holster with Magnetic Support
    Automatic Periodic Data Saving
    Software Package w/Bluetooth & USB Cable
    ABS Hard Plastic Carrying Case
    Full Color Graphic Display Screenm/v2