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“Propane Powered Mustang”

An interview with our Managing Director Rob Mercer at the 2008 Alternative Fuels and Vehicles (AFVI) Show in Las Vegas, regarding IMPCO’s Mustang, and the new LPG (or as the American’s call it – Propane) system that is placed on it. This caused a big stir in America, because not very many Mustangs (or other muscle cars) are seen on LPG in the States. Have a look:

Mercer Industries 2005 Mustang

Our 2005 Mustang was originally purchased in the United States, but was shipped across to Australia and converted to Right Hand Drive to drive on our roads. The Mustang has appeared at a few events including the 2009 Melbourne International Motor Show and was the lead out car at the 2010 Grand Prix (V8 Supercar Challenge).

BRC IMPCO Interview at the Melbourne Grand Prix V8 Supercar Challenge 2010

Interview with GPTV’s Briony Ingerson, chatting about  IMPCO’s stand at the 2010 Australian Grand Prix BRC IMPCO V8 Challenge, and the great prizes we were giving away.


2010 Grand Prix V8 Supercars Challenge – Driver’s Parade

A video taken by a spectator in the crowd of the BRC IMPCO V8 Supercars Challenge Drivers Parade, in which IMPCO’s Mustang was the lead car.

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